Waxing Waxless Skis (with F4)

waxless ski baseWaxless skis have a textured bases usually cut or molded in to the base material. This texture bites into the snow to provide the grip for the kick portion of the classic ski stride. Because waxless skis have a built-in kick there is no need for a grip/kick wax.

There are times where the snow is wet and sticky and can clump or ice up on the base of the ski. Swix F4 liquid wax works great for preventing the clumps and icing. F4 wax can be used in all conditions on waxless skis but is necessary in wet sticky snow.

F4 can also be used on skate skis or on the tips and tails of waxable, classic skis.

Apply F4 Wax

F4  liquid is best for waxless cross country skis the liquid versions work best.

Apply a thin coat of F4 wax to the entire base of the ski including the waxless base structure. Allow the wax to dry for 2-3 minutes.

apply F4 ski wax

Once dry, work the wax in to the base using a Swix F4 slick pro combi brush or a Swix felt cork. This will help the wax last longer and work better.

cork F4 ski wax

Re apply the F4 wax before evey ski session or at least in wet snow conditions.

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