Trak Skis

trak bshwhacker skiTrak Ski Company began manufacturing NoWax® cross country skis in early 1970’s. The company’s fish-scale design waxless base has been considered one of the best all around no-wax ski bases available.

The Trak fish-scale base later became branded and marketed as the Omnitrak® base.

In the late 1990’s Trak Ski Company merged with Karhu Ski Companyexternal link and soon dropped the Trak name on their skis in favor of the Karhu name.

To this date Karhu continues to manufacture cross country skis with the proven Trak fish-scale style Omnitrak® NoWax® base. 

You can find the Karhu Omnitrak® base on the follow ski models we carry:

  • Nova - Fitness touring ski. Best in groomed track.
  • Escape - Touring in groomed track or backyard skiing. Great all round ski.
  • Solstice XT - Great backyard and light back country touring ski.
  • All Karhu ski products we


Trak Ski Photos

Here are a couple skis we have in our shop museum. These skis are both wood construction with plastic NoWax® track fish-scale base.

trak fish-scale nowax base trak touring ski


The Trak Bushwhacker ski came in one size, 150 cm, and was nicknamed the "Sliding Snowshoe".

trak bushwhacker backountry ski