Hot Boxing Skis

Make your skis FAST!

The easy bake treatment with Nordic Skier's custom-designed G-Box is like waxing your planks tediously, by hand 25 times or More!

“The more you wax them, the faster they go.”

We all know it's true, but who really has the time? Now YOU DO. Give your skis the most advanced wax treatment for a fraction of the cost of traditional waxing. Send or bring in your skis to us. You'll get rockets in return. Just be ready for the speed.

Well-waxed ski bases withstand damage and deterioration better than dry, neglected bases do. You still need to throw a top coat on the base every few times you go out, or whenever the conditions change radically, but a saturated base that has been hot-boxed will absorb and hold wax more quickly. Get in and out of the wax room fast, so you can go ski fast. More glide! Less work! More fun!

End of the season storage wax Hot Boxing is by far the best method for storage waxing your skis both nordic and alpine.

  1. #1 - World Class treatment: High Fluoro goodness! Bases hot-wax cleaned, then saturated with Base Prep wax. 6 hour baking time. Hand finished with HF6 (21-10 degrees F). A steal at $49!

  2. #2 - Competition Level treatment: Bases hot-wax cleaned, then saturated with Base Prep wax. 4-hour baking time. Hand finished with CH6 (21-10 degrees F). Can you believe only $29!

  3. #3 - Bargain Basic treatment: YOU clean the skis (hot wax scrape method highly recommended). We saturate the base with Base Prep wax and bake the skis 3-4 hours. All this for only $19!


Shipping and handling extra. Call us today 603-569-3151!

You can also drop off your skis!  We're always happy to see you,  Really!