Cross Country Ski Waxing

The type of wax to use for your cross country skis depends on the type of ski and type of skiing.

There are three basic styles of cross country skis that require different types of wax:

Waxable Classical / Traditional - The base of this type of ski will have a smooth base the entire length of the ski. The wax zone or kick area of the base will require a kick / grip wax.

Basic kick / grip waxing tutorial

Waxless Classical / Traditional - The wax zone or kick area of this type of ski will have some sort of texture cut or molded into the base. This type of base is called "waxless" or "no wax". Despite the name there is a wax for waxelss skis. One of the most common waxes for this purpose is called F4 by Swix. F4 is a glide wax that is rubbed or wiped on and does not require an iron.

Waxing waxless skis with Swix F4

Skate skis - are all about glide. Skate skis can be waxed with Swix F4 wax or by melting a glide wax in to the base.

Basic hot wax tutorial