Bike Frame Sizing

Bicycle Sizing. Choosing the correct bike frame size.

All bicycles are sized differently so there is no single chart or formula to give you the correct frame size. This article is meant as a general starting point for determining the correct bicycle size for you.

Important factors to consider.

  • Stand-over height. There should be enough clearance from the top of the frame (top tube) to the rider's pelvic bone so that the rider can comfortably dismount the bike and stand over the frame with feet flat on the ground. If riding often on trails with uneven terrain one will want to allow for more frame clearance. 
  • Cockpit length. The distance from the center of the saddle to the center of the handlebars defines the cockpit length. This includes the effective toptube length, stem and a portion of the saddle length. Cockpit length should be long enough to provide clearance for knees and elbows when pedaling and short enough to allow a relaxed bend to the elbows. Cockpit length is generally longer on road bikes and mountain bikes and shorter on comfort and hybrid bikes.
  • Leg Extension. When sitting on the saddle you should have a slight bend to your knee of you knee at the bottom of your pedal stroke. Too much of a bend may cause knee pains and less efficient energy transition to the pedals. Too little of a bend will contribute to saddle pains.
  • Handlebar to Saddle height. For a more upright, and generally more comfortable, riding position the handle bars should be higher than the saddle height. 
Frame Sizing Charts

It is important to talk to an experienced bicycle dealer to help you determine the correct bicycle frame size. Use these charts below as a general starting point not as your final decision. Always test ride many bikes before choosing.

Adult Bikes

Height Mountain/Hybrid Size Road Size
<5'2" 13/14 43/47
5'3" 13/15 47/50
5'6" 16/18 50/52/54
5'9" 18/19 52/54/56
5'11" 19/21 54/56/58
6'2" 21/22 56/58/60
6'3" 22/25 58/60/62
6'4" 25 60/62

Kids Bikes

Height (inches) Kids Bikes Size
35-40" 12"
39-46" 16"
45-52" 20"
51-63" 24"